Frequently Ask Questions


What is the basic role of DGPR Punjab? Top
The basic role of DGPR Punjab is to publicize Punjab government’s welfare policies and development projects through media, along with improving its perceptions among the people while apprising the government about problems, feelings and sentiments of the people.   
DGPR belongs to which department of Government of the Punjab? Top
DGPR is part of Information and Culture Department of Government of the Punjab.  
What is the difference between DGPR Punjab and Press Information Department? Top
DGPR Punjab is part of Government of the Punjab while PID is Information Department of Federal Government.  
What is relationship of DGPR Punjab with media? Top
DGPR Punjab provides news of all departments of Government of the Punjab and their publicity material to the people through electronic and print media. Therefore, there is a close relationship of DGPR Punjab with media and journalists.  
What is the role of DGPR Punjab in issuance of government advertisements? Top
Government of the Punjab issues advertisement of all its departments through the Advertisement Section of DGPR Punjab, which releases it to newspapers, journals and TV channels.  
Does DGPR Punjab issue accreditation cards to all journalists? Top
DGPR Punjab issues accreditation cards to authentic journalists working in the province on annual basis.  
What is the role of Public Relations Officers (PROs) in DGPR Punjab? Top
DGPR Punjab deputes a Public Relations Officer (PRO) with every important personality, department and government structure. These PROs apprise the people about various meetings, statements, announcements and activities of Chief Minister, Governor, District Coordination Officer (DCO) and all provincial ministers through media.  
DGPR Punjab uses what means for publicity of government policies and development projects? Top
DGPR Punjab uses all tools related to media to ensure publicity of government policies which include handouts, press releases, articles, press conferences, TV talk shows, documentary films, tickers, issuance of news photos, along with keeping close liaison with journalists.  
Does DGPR Punjab have any role in providing financial assistance to journalists? Top
Yes, DGPR Punjab provides financial assistance to financially challenged journalists in case of any difficulty or accident.   
What is the role of DGPR Punjab in establishing press clubs for journalists? Top
DGPR Punjab provides financial assistance to already established press clubs in various districts and divisions throughout Punjab along with establishing new press clubs.  
What is the role of DGPR Punjab in inter-provincial harmony? Top
DGPR Punjab plays important role in inter-provincial liaison and harmony by arranging boarding and lodging of journalists coming from other provinces, apprising them of important activities of Government of the Punjab, and promoting goodwill among them.  
What are the responsibilities of DGPR Punjab in enforcement of press laws? Top
Enforcement of press laws is the responsibility of the Federal Government; however, the Press Laws branch of DGPR Punjab plays a vital role in curbing publication of objectionable and sectarian material.  
Does DGPR Punjab give approval to title of newspapers, and journalists? Top
This was used to be responsibility of the Press Laws branch of DGPR Punjab; however these powers have now been transferred to PID of Federal Government. DGPR Punjab can send its recommendations to Press Information Department.  
What are the responsibilities of Books and Monitoring Section of DGPR Punjab? Top
The Books and Monitoring Section of DGPR Punjab monitors all books published in the province. The aim of this wing is to check publication of books based on immoral or forbidden material.  
Who appoints the head of DGPR Punjab? Top
The head of DGPR Punjab is appointed by Chief Minister Punjab. Any senior officer of the Department, bureaucrat or officer of PID is eligible for the post.  
How are officers of DGPR Punjab recruited? Top
The Officers of DGPR Punjab are recruited through Punjab Public Service Commission and they begin their service in Grade-17. However, there is a quota of departmental promotion.  
Are there offices of DGPR Punjab in other cities? Top
Yes, there are offices of DGPR Punjab in all district and divisions of the province apart from its headquarters (HQ) in Lahore.