rajaThe role of information and public relations in today’s world is often embellished. It may sound overly dramatic, but a sound government communication strategy can and do make life or death differences in people's lives. On the other hand, not all government communication is so meaningful or so dramatic. There's lots of dull, boring, and routine communication too. Whether it's dull and boring or dramatically life changing, the information and policies that government communicators deal with do directly and often significantly affect the everyday lives of their public. DGPR Punjab is the one most important department of government that balances all that workload and works round the clock to keep the flow of information uninterrupted. We are working hard to make it an exemplified house of information and public relations, and hopefully in upcoming years we will be successful in making DGPR Punjab a center of excellence in the field of information.

Raja Jahangir Anwer
Secretary Information


saman raiDGPR being the sole spokesperson of Government of the Punjab is working to facilitate the general public with easy access to information about government services from anywhere regardless of their economic situation and technical abilities. Anyone who wishes to find accurate information easily and swiftly, we have launched the DGPR’s new website as part of our plan to enhance and improve the awareness about our working. Through this website, we aim to have real value added to what we already have, believing in the need to use the multiple capabilities of information and communications technology to increase the Department’s ability in providing authentic and quick information in less time and effort. We also seek to achieve excellence which adheres to the requirements of the contemporary digital trends to keep abreast with all the technological evolution and execute more work through interactive services. Together, let’s work for an informed Punjab.

Saman Rai
Director General Public Relations