LAHORE, June 08: 

            Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that the government is working hard to revamp the public sector institutions weakened by the past governments, adding that WASA was a victim of political corruption of the Sharif family as they exploited this institution.    

            Taking to the media along with Vice Chairman WASA Sheikh Imtiaz and MD WASA Syed Zahid Aziz, Dr Firdous regretted that the Sharif Family used WASA for its benefit and it was destroyed by the political cabal for corruption. She said that WASA is again standing on its feet due to the holistic reforms of the PTI government. The people faced the problems of dirty water for ten years due to the apathy of the Sharif family while Shehbaz Sharif used rainwater for political point-scoring. 

            The Special Assistant said that Shehbaz Sharif used to stand in rainwater wearing long shoes to gain sympathy by raising fingers at the helpless officers. He was fond of political jugglery but no roadmap was designed to improve the institutional performance and efficiency for providing better services to the people, she said.  Shehbaz Sharif had only one mantra in the shape of long shoes but the PTI government has introduced composite reforms to revamp the WASA according to the rising needs of the provincial metropolis. 

            Dr Firdous said the underground water tank has been constructed to store 14 lakh gallon rainwater at Lawrence road while construction of two more underground water tanks at Kashmir road and Sheranwala gate is in progress. This will be completed with a cost of 19 crore to store 15 lakh gallon rainwater each. She said the PTI is also working hard to put an end to institutional inefficiency and corruption as the powerful enjoyed luxuries of life at the expense of the state institutions. 

            The SACM said that WASA is earning 60 crore rupees while its income was 25 crore in the past. She said that mobile water testing lab has been introduced and citizens should call at WASA helpline to complain about dirty water in their areas. In the past, political workers were posted in government departments but the PTI government has ensured transparency and merit in recruitments and women staff is posted in the operation wing. More than 50 sub engineers have been recruited through PPSC and recycle plants have been installed at 310 car wash stations to reuse the water. Similarly, water is also recycled in some mosques as it is a national asset and the people should strive to save it. 

            The Special Assistant that WASA consumers are increased from 5 lakh to 7 lakh which shows rising public trust over it. She said that WASA is working hard to save water and the recycling project is a role model for other provinces. The government has earned more than two billion due to WASA and the media should guide the government in public interest projects. 

            Dr Firdous said that my stance was projected without reference to the context in yesterday’s press conference. A lot of accidents occurred in the past but this accident has happened after a long gap. If the government has succeeded in reducing accidents than it is a credit of the PTI government but this accident should have not happened because the government is duty-bound to protect the lives of the citizens. 

            The SACM said that a political non-entity was trying to dictate me outside the Punjab Assembly but she should remember her political worthlessness. Those who are elected on reserve seats are advising me but my political supporters in the assembly are well treating them there. You are not able to politically counter me as you should contest elections. Such characters will gain nothing by slinging mud at PM and CM. They will be given a befitting reply in the budget session. I strongly condemn the terrorist attack on a Pakistani family in Canada and such Islamophobia incidents will have to be stopped to promote tourism, she said. 

            To a question, Dr Firdous said the political actor and juggler are fond of escaping from the country and both are trying to remain alive through media. Escaping from the country is their hereditary disease but the government will ensure the rule of law. These people try to escape to their foreign villas after every six months but the government is keeping an eye on their activities and they will be treated according to their crimes, concluded the SACM.