Omer Farooq - FM media consultant

The most known platforms on social media to advertise and market your product are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Companies worldwide use these platforms to introduce their new product, which can be observed just by looking at social media platforms. 

Social media marketing is a new platform and todays marketing is making its way into it. As in marketing, managers used TV newspapers, and radio to reach a large segment of the society, the same way brands are designing new strategies to get along with this largest growing network.

Through social media managers all over the world design strategies to promote their brand, and frankly speaking, social media marketing means the same, that is, to promote your brand in a way that it reaches a targeted audience and generate sales. 

Moreover, manager world over not only reaches to a large number of people but they, through their strategies, make people get attach to their brands by engaging and talking about it. 

Not very long ago, these mediums were used by many people for normal chit-chatting, where people would post their favorite quotes, selfies, and bla bla. Now, things are different, companies use these mediums to advertise their brands and try to reach these people who are already using these mediums since it has become their second habit to daily check what’s going on in the social media world through their mobiles, laptops, and other sources of communication.

These platforms collectively hold billions of people as their loyal customers. Seven or ten years ago who knew that future is in the making. For example, take a look at Facebook. This platform offers you to build your own pages share your business stats, upload your product pictures, and all. Not only that, but you can engage lots of people by holding a competition on your pages. From here, you get sales leads which help the sales team to achieve their sales target that helps companies to grow faster in terms of business volume. 

Moreover, there is a platform known as Twitter where people come to tweet and express their views about a certain topic. Since millions of people are attached to this platform, companies use it to raise awareness among these people. Companies help grow their brand by creating hash tags or by creating content that goes along comfortably with the current hash tags. By using this method companies quickly spread the information in a very cost-effective way. 
Furthermore, Video blogs, Youtube, and Instagram are other popular platforms giving your potential customers important information. Plus, once they become your customers you can provide the best services, and once your customer gets satisfied they become your advocates they will further spread the message by using the re-sharing tool.