The Directorate General of Public Relations (DGPR), Punjab is the main communication wing of Government of the Punjab working to ensure rapid dissemination of information about government plans, policies and initiatives. It was first established as Directorate in early 1940 and upgraded as Directorate General Public Relations, Punjab in 1984. This department is the main publicity arm of Government of the Punjab.

DGPR is in-charge of the presentation and interpretation of the policies and activities of Government of the Punjab through all forms of media. It is responsible to cater to all publicity needs of the Provincial Government and at the same time, countering negative propaganda and disinformation in form of fake news.

Other than the Lahore Head Office, there are 9 Divisional Information Offices and 27 District Information Offices located in Punjab. DGPR also has one Liaison Office at Karachi and a Southern Office at Multan. 


Timely dissemination of authentic information about policies and activities of Government of the Punjab to masses through all forms of media


A well-informed Punjab