What Is It Like to Work with Ministers!

Nabeela Rafique


Ever wondered what are the official work timings of the ministers? What is their COVID-19 days’ workload? How many times health minister has taken off before her chemo started? How many press conferences does Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan have missed since she joined as SACM? Ever wondered whatever you see tickers flashing on news channels and news details about Punjab Government, who is working in the background to arranging it all?

Have you ever heard about DGPR PROs?

DGPR’s officers work with all the Ministries of Punjab government to fill the gap between Government and Media providing public with accurate and authentic information. Each time you read tickers on news channels or see a news report, there is one PRO who has worked for it to issue it to the media.

Working as a Public Relations Officer with any Minister is not a typical 9-5 job, it’s not a desk job, and it’s not a hectic field job either. It’s 24/7 ‘be vigilant’ and ‘do anything’ job. To make sure that each information, activity and notification is delivered to the right people. Our daily routine varies between attending meetings and events, news making, dissemination of information through all form of media, including our own WhatsApp stories, to achieve the main goal of dissemination of information to masses.

We are seen writing tickers on our mobile phones on wedding functions, while travelling, eating and at times in washrooms. And the moment you put your mobile phone aside unattended for an hour, you see a flood of messages and calls, all desperately want you to see the viral video of your Minister making a slip of tongue while answering a casual question.

The thing I love most about my job is that it never gets monotonous. These days, it’s Ramzan and COVID-19, and you are making communication and awareness strategies for public to create awareness about policies, Ramzan Bazaars, vaccinations and steps taken by government for the welfare of people. Before it was the Punjab culture day celebration we were working for. Next it might be a campaign related to environment or monsoon weather. We always try to make sure that people get the most out of government’s initiatives which is not possible until they are not delivered the basic information of ‘how to’.

The most enjoyable part is the working with the leaders and doers who inspire you. The people who run the province including other ministers, Chief Minister and Prime Minister, successful business leaders who have made a tremendous impact on the economy, and diplomats worldwide. You not only get to learn from them but also get an inspiration to serve people. It’s a fact that leaders create more leaders and not followers. Together, as a team, we've had the pleasure of serving the public on a high note.

Without any doubt, working for the information department and Ministers is not only a privilege but also a rewarding experience.